A New Project

I've had videos up on YouTube for a few years now. For those of you who have seen them, I appreciate the kind words and encouragement I've received from you.

The past year or so has been an awesome time of learning for me. I decided to take an extended leave from leading worship at Calvary Chapel Boise to see where the Lord would lead me. Since then I've been playing almost non-stop at different churches around the valley. I was also invited back to Black Lake Bible Camp where I enjoyed a week leading the worship for their annual Family Camp.

Taking Some Time

A few months ago I decided to take some time off from leading worship for main services at Calvary Chapel Boise. My schedule was so hectic I was struggling to throw together practices and setlists, finish my work, spend time with family, and somewhere in there I realized there was too much. I couldn't do it all.

When the time came to make the schedule for worship at CCBoise I decided to take some time. I kept my smaller dates, mid-week services, small churches, etc. but gave up my slot on the weekend roster.

Update on New CD

My friend Steven Harder and I have met a few times and we've worked out the general arrangements on eight of the ten hymns we are wanting to put on the new album.

It's a process that's taking longer that I'd originally thought it would since we are only able to meet on Saturdays and then only when I don't have to work and both of us remember we're doing it. :-)

But I'm excited to move forward on this new project. The hymns that I've chosen are a mixture of familiar and obscure. I've reworked the melodies on the obscure hymns.

Getting Run Over By Life

I have spent a lot of the last few months just going through the motions. During the times I lead worship I have felt so free from stress and the things that hold me back. It's one of the few times when I've been consistently real. During regular life, however, there are places to be, things to do, work to accomplish...etc. I know that there is a lot that I have on my plate, but the Lord has been calling me back to him Himself consistently.

Recordings & Ramblings

So I know I promised updates (videos, etc.). I tried, I really did, but I couldn't get a camera that I liked. I'm going to search a bit more this weekend and see if I can find a good one.

Until then, I have been listening to this recording from Engage Truth (Calvary Chapel Boise's college-age service) where I had an awesome time in worship. I realized that I hadn't yet shared it with you guys. So enjoy!

(Forgive the mess up on the words of "None But Jesus"...;-) I had just learned the song that day and forgot the words!!!)

It's March...And Almost April!!!

I love this time of year. It makes me happy to see all of the seedlings coming up around my house. Spring is the "reset" month after the "outage" of winter.

I've been listening to my old recordings lately and have fallen in love with Pour Out My Heart all over again. I love the old songs and it seems as though they've fallen out of use recently. I like to play a mixture of songs anyway. The old and the new can be mixed to create a fertile ground for worship and connection with God.

Finger Picking

So I've learned that finger picking is NOT very easy for me. I usually default to strumming everything because that's my strength, but lately I've been wanting to expand my skills. That being said, all you who can finger pick, enjoy, because I stink at it. ;-)

Finger Picking - Right Hand Exercises (click image above to view a larger version)